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Please provide the following information to confirm whether the firm is providing attorney representation on the debt you seek to collect. We will provide a response within 24 hours.

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* Please be advised this inquiry page will respond to confirm attorney representation of the Imputed Debtor(s). If we confirm representation you are hereby directed of the following: All future correspondence must go through our office, except legal service. Whether you are a collection agent or the original creditor, you must now cease-and-desist any and all future communications with the above referenced Debtor(s) as required by Florida law. Please note that such prohibited contacts include billing and accounts statements, collection letters, and any and all other forms of communication by letter, phone, fax, email or any other means. Furthermore you are prohibited from any contact directly or indirectly with any employer, family member, friend, neighbor, or creditor of our client(s).

You are also notified that the debtor(s) dispute the validity of the debt, refuse to pay, and require that you cease further communication with them pursuant to Florida law. You may send all future billing statements as required by the FDCPA and all applicable state laws to our office. If you choose to pursue the debt, please be advised that our client will seek to vindicate their consumer rights under the FDCPA and all applicable state laws, or may discharge the debt under Title 11 of the United States Code.

Any further communication with our client(s) absent our express written consent, violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all applicable state laws as Incorporated therein, as disclosed above, and will result in a lawsuit against you for actual damages, statutory penalties, attorney fees and costs. If your policies and procedures conflict with the forgoing laws, please take corrective action immediately.