Florida Contractor License Defense

If someone is challenging your Florida General Contractor’s license, the attorneys at Alliance Legal Group are here to help you try to resolve your issues and retain your license. If your Florida Contractor’s License is in jeopardy, or you have been contacted by an administrative agency within the state of Florida, knowing and defending your rights is extremely important. You have worked hard to build your professional reputation and generate the credentials needed to continue your career. You have invested schooling, money, time and hard work to obtain your Florida Contractor’s License. Let the team at Alliance Legal Group protect your future by defending your rights today!
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Types of Contractor’s We Defend: General Building Residential Sheet Metal Roofing Class A & B Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Service Mechanical Commercial Pool/Spa Residential Pool/Spa Swimming Pool/Spa Service Plumbing Underground Utility and Excavation Residential Solar Water Heating Specialty Solar Specialty Structure Pollutant Storage System Specialty Gypsum Drywall Specialty Gas Line Specialty Internal Pollutant Storage Tank Lining Applicator Precision Tank Tester Glass and Glazing Specialty Swimming Pool Specialties Marine Specialty Tower Specialty