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Are you facing criminal charges or been arrested? Stop losing sleep tonight when you get professional legal advice from an Alliance Legal Group defense attorney!

Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

A criminal charge can have a long-lasting negative impact on your future. You may be facing potential probation or jail time. In addition, it may be difficult to find work or rent an apartment. Make sure you are aware of the lasting effects that these charges will have. Don’t get caught off-guard!


Regardless of the charges, a solid criminal defense requires an experienced criminal defense attorney. Alliance Legal Group has experience defending criminal cases throughout the entire state of Florida. Make sure you hire an attorney that has handled cases like yours before. We do not recommend that you go into any criminal defense without legal representation. If you elect to fight the charges on your own, you may be inviting future hardship. Make sure the attorney you hire has the legal resources to help defend your case. Alliance Legal Group will leverage legal advantages in an effort to obtain a favorable decision.
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What Are You Up Against?

If you are being charged with any of the following crimes, our dedicated and aggressive attorneys can help. 1) DUI 2) Fraud 3) Sex Offenses 4) Domestic Violence 5) Violent Crimes 6) Child Abuse Exploring all of your legal options is critical when charged with criminal wrong-doing. With Alliance Legal Group you can rest assured that your case will be handled by a seasoned legal professional. You should only pursue the strategies you are comfortable with. Whether its plea negotiation or court trial, our goal is to lessen or possibly eliminate any lasting negative effects the charges may have on you. Once you are charged with a crime, you should immediately begin planning your defense strategy. A criminal defense attorney can provide you with assistance in identifying what the best course-of-action will be. Don’t waste any time; contact Alliance Legal Group for your free consultation. Our legal support team is waiting for you at (877) 560-4440.