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Divorce and family legal matters are extremely personal and we respect your right to privacy. You deserve legal counsel that will help your issues get quick results that you deserve. Start the healing process TODAY by calling Alliance Legal Group, chatting with us or filling out our online form.

The Stress of Family Law

Are you going through a divorce? The decisions you make during this process may stay with you and your family forever. There are so many questions that need to be answered when looking into the separation of assets. When you go through a divorce, the life you once lived is changed forever.


Do you have kids, a house, outstanding debt; what happens after the divorce? You need to clear your thoughts and make sure you remain calm. Alliance Legal Group has the experienced divorce attorneys to help put your mind at ease. You need someone who understands your challenges and offers you alternatives. Some divorces go very smoothly, others not so much. If your divorce looks to be an all out battle, or a smooth process, our caring and passionate attorneys are here for you.
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Know Your Options

If divorce is the way to go, you have important issues that you need to consider. Will you owe child support? How do you divide the assets? Florida law has made changes making it easier for parents to share custody. This is nice because it allows both parents the ability to spend time with the child. An Alliance Legal Group divorce lawyer will obtain complete accounting records to ensure you receive your fair share of the assets. Don’t let your spouse hide assets from you! Both parents are responsible for supporting a child. You must provide support that is reflective of your standard of living. We’ll be sure your financial situation is accurately represented so you only pay what is required of you. Are you or someone you know going through a divorce, child custody battle, or any other family matter? Alliance Legal Group is here to help you through these emotional times. Don’t go through it alone; let us work for you. Call our legal staff for your free consultation at (877) 560-4440.