Investment Properties

Investment Property Foreclosure

With your primary residence you worry about where you will live and if you can stay in your home. An investment property is typically looked at from a financial perspective. Financial consequences, taxes, and effects on credit are typically a higher priority for those going through foreclosure on a vacation home or investment property.

Did You Make a Bad Investment?

It sounded like a great investment at the time. There didn’t appear to be much risk…Does this sound like you? It seemed like renting out a duplex in hopes of turning a profit was a good idea. Real estate used to be one of the best investments available. However, things have changed very quickly.

In recent years, property values have dropped significantly. Chances are you did not predict such a drop in real estate prices. It’s because of this recent down-turn that you are now forced to pay a mortgage that you can’t afford; given the current economic state.

What Do You Do Now?

Maybe you can afford the current payments, but does it make sense? Is it in your best interest to continue to put money into a bad investment? Don’t get caught paying more money than you could possibly recover. The experienced attorneys at Alliance Legal Group can assist you in making the right choice moving forward. We help property investors like you throughout the entire state of Florida. Whether it’s a vacation home or an investment property, we can help.

In the end, a short sale or deed in lieu may be the way to go. Perhaps there is a better exit strategy. Call Alliance Legal Group today and our legal support team will discuss your options and considerations before you make another bad investment.