Professional License Defense

Professional License Defense

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Has your professional license or credibility been questioned or damaged by unfair practices of others? Stop the damage from happening any longer! Chat, call or fill out the Alliance Legal Group case form with with your details. Start the mending now!

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If you have been accused of health care fraud, sexual misconduct, or drug abuse your professional license may be in jeopardy. Severe consequences are in place for licensed professionals that are found to have been involved in any such malpractice. The offense does not have to be criminal in nature. Noncriminal conduct can still warrant disciplinary action from an administrative agency. If someone has accused you of a violation that may affect your license to practice, call Alliance Legal Group. Our attorneys aggressively defend your rights and your professional license.


Investigations typically begin once the licensing agency has received a complaint. There are rules stating that investigations must remain confidential. These cases should remain confidential until probable cause has been established. This protects you as an accused licensed professional however; you may not even know that an investigation is being conducted. You may not be aware of the investigation until an administrative complaint has been filed. Agency regulators will review files and obtain records that have been kept by the licensed professional being investigated. Don’t waste any time! Contact an attorney immediately upon knowledge of the situation. Protecting your rights can be challenging. Using an aggressive, hands-on approach, we defend holders of professional licenses from allegations that threaten their careers, reputations, and livelihood, such as:
  • Breaches of professional ethics
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Professional negligence or malpractice
  • Allegations of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Accusations of sexual misconduct
  • Criminal offenses
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Boards such as The Board of Education, Board of Dentistry, Board of Accountancy or the Department of Business Professional Regulation may get involved during any claim against your license. Make sure you have legal representation throughout all aspects of regulatory action or litigation. Get the legal representation you deserve. Call Alliance Legal Group and speak to our legal professionals; we’ll provide answers to your questions. The number to call is (877) 560-4440.