Real Estate Agents / Brokers

Real Estate Broker / Agent

The saying goes that there may always be another stock to buy, but land is finite. Whether they help with the negotiation and transfer of residential or commercial properties through sale or lease, it is America’s real estate brokers who are poised to make things happen. We know that your job as a real estate broker is a huge one, from obtaining agreements from owners to place properties for sale to monitoring the fulfillment of purchase and/or lease contracts to acting as go-betweens between buyers and sellers and even arranging for financing. You may also manage a team of real estate salespeople (agents who work under your license), making sure proverbial the buck stops with you when emotions run high and challenges are presented during real estate transactions. The general public may be unaware, however, that you must also maintain a keen knowledge of real estate law, monitor local economies, be versed on fair housing practices and the continuously evolving menu of real estate financing programs as well. You are responsible for checking work completed by loan officers, attorneys, appraisers, inspectors, escrow and title officers, tax assessors – all to make sure yours or your agents’ clients are going into their investments with all cards on the table.

Real Estate Salesperson

As a real estate salesperson, you are among the entrepreneurial thinkers of our great land. Your ability to assist buyers, sellers, landlords and renters in negotiating, researching and completing real estate transactions takes hard work, confidence, tact and professionalism – all done in the hopes that your name will become the first person clients and former clients will think of when a real estate-related need surfaces again. We know you by your smiles, your open house signs, your postcards and your contributions to and participation in our local communities, making you an integral part of the business landscape. The role of the real estate agent has been recently featured on reality-based cable television shows, showcasing the roles you play in making the American Dream possible, but also pointing out the realities of local real estate markets as well, especially in these days of challenging economic times.