Florida Real Estate Law

Florida Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law can be tricky, especially in Florida. Don’t go through it without the proper legal counsel. Be sure to contact Alliance Legal Group’s professional attorneys NOW! Call with your case details in a live chat, by phone or in our legal case form!

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Do you own a home? We are here to help with your Real Estate Law needs. Don’t get caught in a situation that might have a negative impact on your future. At Alliance Legal Group we take pride in helping people in need. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the legal resources to get you a favorable resolution.


If you are in the process of evicting a tenant from a property, we can help. If you are paying rent on a property and your landlord is not fulfilling their agreement, we are here for you. If you own a home, make sure the Homeowners Association (HOA) is in compliance with their agreements. The fees associated with an HOA can be very expensive. Don’t waste your money; make sure you are receiving what you’re paying for. A Homeowners Association is a Florida corporation responsible for the operation of a community or mobile home subdivision in which the voting membership is made up of owners. How can you ensure that your HOA is in fact doing everything that was agreed upon when you originally bought the property? Our Real Estate Lawyers are here to answer your legal questions. Let us do the work for you! It is not uncommon for two or more people to come to an agreement on buying a property. This can lead to disputes down the road. Are you a part owner with someone else? Under the Real Estate Law umbrella lies a section on Partition Lawsuits. A Partition Lawsuit can be filed by one party looking to have another party removed from the deed. Our Florida based law firm has a reputation for accommodating client needs; no matter what they may be. Call us for your free consultation and see how Alliance Legal Group can serve your Real Estate Law needs. Pick up the phone and call 1(877) 560-4440.

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