Property Damage

Water leaks, fire, hurricanes and mold damage are the top producers of property damage in Florida

How is Property Damage defined?

Property Damage is any property, real or personal, that has been destroyed by someone who does not own the property, or by a natural phenomenon. Types of property damage can include harm to your home, a car, fence, tree, or other possessions you might own or are part of your property. The amount of money recovered from property damage can depend on evidence of the replacement value, cost of repairs, and the amount of time you are unable to use or inhabit the possession that has been damaged. Property damage is a broad term that encompasses a variety of issues but can be simplified when you think of the damage based on its cause. The cause of the damage can be intentional, caused by neglect, or due to a natural disaster or phenomenon. Whatever the cause may be, Don Mathews and his team of property damage attorneys are here to help you with your property needs.