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Are You Confused About Your Legal Rights?

Call for a free consultation! We are here to provide legal support and hopefully provide comfort. We will do our best to answer all of your legal questions. You will also learn about your options and considerations. What are you entitled to?

During your free consultation our full service attorneys become your friend and legal resource; implementing a road map for success and determining the best legal strategy. Our full service licensed attorneys want to assist you with your impending situation. Is your home in foreclosure? We will work to get you the most affordable terms, modification or payment plan.

Our practice can provide the assistance and representation you need. We provide full service licensed attorneys to help throughout many areas of legal practice. These areas include:

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Florida Foreclosure Defense:

We provide legal help with loan modifications, short sales, deed in lieu, whether it be for a commercial property or residential property. We have home foreclosure experience in Sarasota, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Daytona Beach, and elsewhere throughout the entire state of Florida.

Florida Debt Collector Harassment:

Are you being harassed by the bank? Are you getting excessive calls? Collectors often violate your rights when trying to collect a debt. Our law firm works to protect your rights by answering your legal questions and providing legal assistance.

Florida Student Loan Help:

Lenders are filing lawsuits against borrowers at record levels. Don’t let this happen to you. Are you having trouble consolidating or deferring your student loans? Call for your free consultation and let Alliance Legal Group help you.

Professional License Defense:

You worked hard to get where you are professionally. Don’t let anyone take that away. If you are facing any regulatory action, possible suspension, accused of discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination; Alliance Legal Group here in Florida can help protect your professional license.

Florida Criminal Defense:

Accused of DUI with or without a breath test? Did you violate your probation? Have you been accused of burglary, or any other federal crime? Our dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorneys have been defending criminal litigation for over 20 years.

Florida Family Law:

Cases involving family are extremely difficult. Fighting for custody of a child is very emotional. Trying to collect child support creates unwanted stress. Let our legal professionals guide you through these difficult family ordeals.

Florida Bankruptcy:

Are you thinking about filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? Do you need a fresh start? Our legal resources strive to provide you with the best debt settlement options available. You should always be careful when the issue becomes your money or your credit score.

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